Thinking about your drinking?

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This series of photographs captures an increasingly…

This series of photographs captures an increasingly human-dominated world as it collides with the wild animals at its boundaries. Photographer Amy Stein has created a collection of arresting yet quiet images, each one showing animals making their home in, or at least visiting, the world of humans. Through her work she addresses the paradoxical relationship we have with the “wild,” at once wanting to experience and connect with it, and simultaneously wanting to tame and control it.

The Daily What: How to Win Halloween

The Daily What: How to Win Halloween

Candies were ranked from 1 (worst) to 31 (best) by each of the 5 people who cared enough to make this chart. Overall ranking was determined by simple addition, and standard deviations were calculated using Microsoft Excel 2008. Candies included were chosen based on a 3-hour long formal debate (screaming was involved).”


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