Defying Gravity of the Day: People Walking on Water

Well…kinda walking on water. With a special mixture of water and cornstarch, you can create what is referred to as a “non-Newtonian fluid,” which is basically a fluid that doesn’t act like how a fluid should act…get it? Anyways, fill a 2,100 gallon pool of this stuff, and you’ll have people walking, crawling, and dancing all over it!

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Dance Is in the Air

Every time I see these aerial dancers it starts in my head – “…love is in the air…”, well, than I correct it in “…dance is in the air, everywhere I look around”. I mean really, as if the dancing (on the ground) itself isn't great enough, just imagine the feeling of dancing in the air, without any boundaries, where you can spin in any direction, hang upside down… I'm interested in trying this for years but I guess I'm too clumsy that I'd accidentally hang myself up in the air with all those sheet around. I don't know, should I try it?

dance is in the air 1

dance is in the air 2

dance is in the air 3

dance is in the air 4

dance is in the air 5

dance is in the air 6

dance is in the air 7

dance is in the air 8

dance is in the air 9

dance is in the air 10

dance is in the air 11

dance is in the air 12

dance is in the air 13

dance is in the air 14

Types of Computer Women

Virus Woman

She installs in your apartment and play the boss. If you try to uninstall, you loose some stuff.

If you don’t, you’ll loose everything.

Internet Woman

You have to pay to have access.

Server Woman

Always busy when you want her.

Windows Woman

You know that she have many bugs, but you can’t live without her.

Macintosh Woman

Attractive, almost perfect, costs more money, but not so compatible with others. Only 5% of men have the pleasure to get her.

PowerPoint Woman

She’s ideal for party presentations, business meals, etc.

Excel Woman

They said that she knows many things, but you have her only for basic things.

Word Woman

Always she waits you with surprises and there is nobody can understand her.

Five Germans in an Audi Quattro

Five Germans in an Audi Quattro arrive at the Italian border.

The Italian Customs Officer stops them and tells them:

-“It’s a illegala to put a cinque people in a Quattro.”

-“Vot do you mean it’s illegal?” asks the German driver.

-“Quattro meansa four” replies the Italian official.

-“Quattro is just ze name of ze automobile!” the German says unbelievingly. “Look at ze dam papers: ze car is designed to karry 5 persons.”

– “You canta puta thata one on me!” replies the Italian customs officer.
“Quattro meansa four. You have five-a people in a car and you are breaking the law.”

– “I vant to speak to someone viz more intelligence zupervisor over !”

– “Sorry. He can’ta come righta know. He’sa busy witha 2 guys in a Fiat Uno